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The full lineup of teams that will play in the top division in the upcoming campaign is already known. Thus, after a year’s break, «Espanyol» returned to the elite. The team managed to achieve the promotion without any problems. In the Segunda, it hadn’t almost any rivals.

Now it will be interesting to see this club in La Liga. Two years ago, it lost its place in the elite almost without any chance. Since then, the team’s lineup has undergone a noticeable transformation. Today, it has a lot of great players. It is clear that the main goal of the club is to retain its place in La Liga. However, with such a team of players, it is easily possible to compete for a place in the middle of the standings.

In any case, you can easily follow the progress of the Catalan team on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find relevant data always updated in real time. You can find out not only the results of the matches, but also statistical information about the team and the schedule of its matches.

Find out what were the yesterday football results in different leagues

Nowadays, it is possible  not to miss anything important from the world of your favorite sport. Find out what all the football results were yesterday like. Such information is always available on the verified web portal. You can also find out the fate of «Espanyol», which has a fairly difficult campaign ahead. The team, however, will be able to perform decently. Talking about its strengths, it is worth mentioning:

  1. Good teamwork between the performers. They practically do not commit any mistakes and do not give to the competitors the chance to take advantage of accidental losses.
  2. Individual skill of the main stars of the club, which can even single-handedly decide the outcome of any match.
  3. The experience of the coach. He knows perfectly the capabilities of his players. This should help to choose the optimal lineup.

Thus, if «Espanyol» will be able to show its best from the first rounds, the team will be able to achieve a positive result. You can always find out how it will do on the sports statistics website, where you can find only the latest data.