Cotton Wedding Dress: Tips from a Tailor

Any wedding dress can be that one special, but the main thing – it must be perfect. The wedding dress is probably the only bow that is selected so meticulously and so carefully. On such a special day, a woman expects the fulfillment of all her dreams, so the dress should be appropriate.

In order to choose that unique and perfect wedding dress, we will try to help you with tips. Weighing the main idea of the wedding, we choose the style and silhouette and think through the main accents, taking into account the season. Other girls at the celebration also need perfect dresses for wedding: mom and bridesmaids will also need our help. And if you ask yourself what to dress a day after my wedding, – stay with us until the last paragraph and you will know.

The search for a wedding dress begins with a dream, as, in fact, everything in this life. So, first, there was a dream! Then we give it your silhouette and personal style to choose a range of colors for your radiant skin and determine how seductive the neckline will be. Next, add handmade lace to the wedding dress and some fresh flowers in the hair. Finally, we will try to be the Fairy Godmother for Cinderella. So, let’s the Magique begin.

Wedding Dress Silhouette

When looking for a wedding dress or ordering it in the studio as individual tailoring, the first step will be to choose a silhouette. Ordering a wedding dress for tailoring is a win-win situation, especially when you know the best workshop. Here Cathytelle brand will be an excellent example of a professional team with many years of experience and a unique approach. It seems that the wonders of wedding fashion are created in this workshop.

Sewing a wedding dress

If you decide to sew the wedding dress of your dreams, do not agree to less than you are offered here.

– professional artist-designer creates sketches and possible variations of the cut of the wedding dress to the individual wishes of the bride-to-be;

– selection of the best fabrics among reliable suppliers with own dyeing in the chosen color, with the subsequent delivery of samples of it to the client;

– creating handmade lace and embroidery according to the individual preferences of the bride: these are favorite flowers or meaningful words, or something.

– the manufacturing process includes up to three test specimens sent for approval to the bride.

The whole creation process includes the constant help of the designer and photo reports. With the final delivery of the wedding dress, the bride receives all the sketches while working for a sweet memory.

Wedding dress from the shop

Every bride is special and should have a dress that will perfectly fit her figure and aesthetic preferences. Because the beauty of every woman is unique, and it is worth emphasizing and admiring her or even changing the whole world, if necessary. So, what to say about a wedding dress: just a little work for a skilled seamstress.

If you choose a mass market, keep in mind the most common alterations that a wedding dress from the store expects. It is a rare case when a dress comes right out of the store. Usually, for most girls, you need to make some adjustments to the cut, and it’s great because it confirms that you are a special woman.

Consult the best seamstress you know

If you are not sure what alterations you need, feel free to ask an experienced tailor. As a rule, all consultations are free. If you go to the gym or control your food intake according to a healthy diet, an experienced tailor can always take this into account.

The wedding dress of the Victorian tradition is still very popular, but you may want something new – less classic and more accessible and feminine. A-silhouette is always universal for any figure, and an even more comfortable cut does not make sense to look for. An alternative would be an ancient cut in the spirit of the Roman and Greek goddesses. No less comfortable will be a dress made to individual measurements, when the waterfall of the lower skirt falls from the accentuated waist with delicate lines. You can add handmade lace to the last option, a little freedom at the core, and you will always get a fashionable wedding dress in the boho style.

Style of Dress for Your Wedding

The style of the wedding dress, which resonates with your personality, is no less important than the cut of the silhouette that suits the figure of the future bride. Do you like exquisite lace patterns or snow-white silk? Maybe you want beadwork, which emphasizes the glamor of the bow? Organza and tulle add mystery to the image. Light wedding dresses made of natural fabrics in the style of boho with unique accessories – this is the image of a free woman who appreciates comfort and independence. Ask yourself what you like best, and the wedding tailor will help you implement the ideas of the wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Neckline

A classic romantic neckline or a high collar, a plunging neckline on the back with a low top part at the front, or a neckline with a lush bust? Maybe a dress with long sleeves or spaghetti straps? And what you say about a classic cut of the shirt or just a corset without straps – the latter will perfectly reveal the beautiful shoulders of the bride.

There was a particular attitude to the décolleté at all times. Back in the Middle Ages, women were not indifferent to toilets with seductive cutouts because it was the only weapon of seduction of the opposite sex. But, because the dresses were long and lush, and it was challenging to show off your slender legs or perfect figure shape. So it’s good that now it’s not the Middle Ages, but the designer on your side.

Summer Wedding Dress

Summer is also the hottest time for a wedding. Most ceremonies are held in the summer on the beach and in nature, or, for example, in the shadow of ancient architecture – it all depends on the preferences of the wedding couple and the central theme of the celebration. Cotton wedding dresses are popular for hot weather. Lately, they are trendy. Lace and embroidery, which can decorate such a dress, allow you to create an outfit to wear to other festive events in the future. It will perfectly emphasize your ethical attitude to nature because the gas emission from the fashion industry is about 10%, and wise brides have even introduced such a term – as an ethical wedding dress.