Dr. Rudasingwa doesn’t believe in what he claims to stand for: Didas Gasana

On 21 November 2015, 00:39, i posted on my facebook wall thus: “If RNC is to make a difference, Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa should step in. Point Blank!” Perhaps it is because of that that i have been bombarded with questions about the Rudaexit, alongside my other good friends Ngarambe and Musonera. You friends and foes bombarding me with questions about how and why a virgin RNC came to bear an un-expected son New-RNC; i ll answer you collectively now.

I am just a retired farmer now trying a shot at artistry and thus have no inside information about the marriage, divorce and the birth of former comrades turned nemesis. That an RNC-run radio occasionally invites me as an expert in farming doesn’t mean i am an insider. Of course, Rwandan economy depends on agriculture and the opposition has to hear from expert farmers like me.

However, whenever these marriages and divorces are products of internal contradictions on party philosophy and principles; this is always a healthy thing, like we witnessed in SPLA in Sudan or in Burundi or anywhere you may imagine. Problem becomes when the contradictions are products of the emergence of the very wrongs the parties claim to be fighting against. And this is the cancer that has and continues to kill Africa. Failure of sustainable statecraft in Africa is basically manifested in this divorce.

However, despite farming, i have a family and personal relationship with Afande Nyamwasa and Afande Karegeya respectively. Thus, in one of my conversations with Kayumba Nyamwasa, some time in late 2014, he asked for my expertise in farming for the benefit of his party- the RNC. Much as my expertise would be beneficial to millions of Rwandans; part of the request was to share it with Afande Ruda. When i bluntly said to him that i can’t work with Ruda, he asked why and added: “Nawe se ugira munyangire” to which i replied that i am certain that my friend Dr. Ruda doesn’t believe in what he claims to stand for. End of the story.

I have disagreements with RNC based on principles and Modus Operandi but, if what RNC leaders are telling us- that Dr. Ruda was against elections and was hell-bent on staying in power, then there is no difference between him and PK. While i can claim knowledge of the personal reasons my friend Dr. Ruda wanted to stay at the top; and i sympathise with him on that, I am of the view that such reasons could have been catered for in so many ways than risking public ire and threatening to destroy an organisation he helped build. While there may be deeper contradictions within; there is no reason for my friend Dr. Ruda to do a repeat of FDU- where we farmers had problems identifying which party or even website a particular press release came from. In summary, it is my hope that RNC is bigger than an individual. Please; keep in mind that Patrick Karegeya (RIP) is watching over you and is shedding tears (as are many others in jail or suffering in exile because of RNC). Sauls have turned into Paul and to that; Patrick would nod in agreement.

Retired farmer!

Didas Gasana