FCLR-UBUMWE is deeply saddened by the kidnapping of three Rwandans


The Common Front for the Liberation of Rwanda (FCLR) is deeply saddened by the kidnapping of three Rwandans, which took place on 16th March 2014 around 4 pm in MBUYA, NAKAWA Division, KAMPALA City, in Republic of UGANDA.

Those are Mr IYAKAREMYE Jean Damascene, Mr NSABIMANA Valens, Mr SIBORUREMA Eugene, who were living in Kampala as Rwandan citizens for different reasons among them business and preparation of studies.

The signs of being kidnapped manifested their evidence on that Sunday evening, when they were in a bar in Mbuya. They couldn’t be reached on their mobile phones, what was unusual for them to switch off their phones for long.

On Monday 17th March at 2. 00 pm, the phone of Mr IYAKAREMYE Jean Damascene was available on Whats App and Facebook but he could not communicate and surprisingly that of NSABIMANA Valens was sometimes posting on Facebook! Up to now the members of their families have no news concerning their lives. They are wondering if they still alive or dead?

As far as the fundamental clauses of the Human Rights that both Rwanda and Uganda ratified are concerned, the FCLR, its members and sympathizers do express their concerns about the KIGALI regime’s man-hunting for slaughtering those who refuse to join the bloody political system of RPF party of President KAGAME even in the foreign countries. We remind that our compatriots were not accused of anything either by the Rwandan or Ugandan population where they were staying and if it would be any, their rights and the justice way should be put into account.

That is why, we call upon the International Community, in a special way the UN and the foreign countries representations in UGANDA, the Regional Organizations, the Human Rights Organizations, and every person of good will, to help us to find our loved ones for the sake of the defense of the human rights principles they always claim to defend. We recall also that these three compatriots are among the founding members of FCLR-Ubumwe, the reason why we do not doubt the implication of rwandan security services (DMI), which operate freely in Uganda.

On behalf of FCLR-Ubumwe.