How can the Rwandan Government deny threatening Rwandans abroad, while President Paul Kagame had been agreeing with killing them abroad?!!!

To introduce, I would say that I was too much astonished, after I have read the article published on 7th December 2020 by the Rwandan Government via its Embassy based in Singapore with the title: “Response to recent ABC story by Andrew Greene”, I immediately realised that I had an additional comments on it.Thiswas the reaction of the Rwandan Government on the article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 12th October 2020, which was about a former Rwandan refugee whose name is Noel Zihabamwe, who accused the Rwandan Government of threatening him, because he refused to be an agent of influence for the Government of Rwanda. This article was published by Anna Patty and Leon Hartwell in the Sydney Morning Herald.

This is because I have been astonished by the way the Rwandan Government qualified this story as false and as baseless accusations, while I know very well that what Andrew Greene, Anna Patty and Leon Hartwell said it’s very true! I do not even understand why the Rwandan Embassy in Singapore dared to deny this issue, while President Kagame himself had been agreeing with threatening to death Rwandans abroad! The president of Rwanda had even been expressing happiness and pride about killing Rwandans in different countries! 

In this article, I would like to specifically mention 7 different times with precise dates, whereby President Paul Kagame agreed to have threatened to kill Rwandans abroad, by mentioning specific dates in this regard. 

On 4th of July 1997, President Kagame (who was then Vice President, but the real strong man of RPF regime) said the following:”…Niba twaragiye muri Zaire kwica abantu, twaramaze….” The meaning of this in English is “…If we have sent troops to Zaire to kill people, we do not care about that…” What arrogance! President Kagame said this because he was annoyed by many reports which were accusing them to have massacred Rwandan Hutu refugees, who fled to the former Zaire in 1994. Here,Mr Kagame agreed to have sent troops in Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo) to kill people in a very explicit manner! So, why do they refuse to have sent spies abroad, while it’s something they have been doing during all these 26 years of existence of the RPF’s regime? This only means that this time, they are ashamed of being caught with their hand in the pocket. 

On 7th of April 2007, President Kagame regretted publicly that he and his army the RPF had not been able to exterminate all Rwandan Hutu refugees who fled to the former Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo). President Kagame had given these remarks in Murambi in former Gikongoro Province, at the 13th commemoration of the genocide which took place in Rwanda in 1994. Here, President Kagame was worrying about the fact that Rwandan refugees in the world would explain the reality of RPF’s politics and massacres to the international community. He said that in following terms:”…rwose ikijya kimbabaza, ntabwo twashoboye gukora ibihagije ngo tumare bariya bantu baduhunze, bakaba basigaye bajya kwirirwa baririmba ibyabaye hano…” The meaning of this statement in English is as follows:”…truly, I am sometimes sadden by the fact that we have not been able to do everything possible to exterminate all those people who fled us, in order to prevent them from saying what they have seen here…” When you try to understand what Mr Kagame said on that particular day, you understand why the RPF massacred Rwandan Hutus on 22nd of February 1995, who had taken refuge in Kibeho! The RPF regime did not want them to go abroad to say to the international community, about killings that Mr Kagame and the RPF committed against Rwandans!

On 13th April 2010, President Kagame agreed to have killed Rwandan refugees in Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo), saying:”…those who must be killed we will slaughter them, and that’s what we did….”

On 6th August 2010, President Kagame spoke about the failure of his agent to kill Lieutenant General Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa. President Kagame stated the following:”…those people who are shot abroad and survive, the Rwandan Government does not miss its target when it fires. Nor is it responsible for the safety of criminals who live abroad. But when these criminals say that they will bring the war to Rwanda, when it is them or whoever support them, if they dare, we will hit them, to the point that they will not know what struck them.” Every time, President Kagame has been saying these kinds of words to the applause of the crowd! 

On 12th of January 2014, during the National Prayer breakfast with religious leaders, President Kagame the supreme leader of the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) agreed to have been behind the murder of Colonel Patric Karegeya, which took place in Johannesburg (South Africa). Colonel Patrick Karegeya was a close ally to President Kagame and head of external intelligence, who had become an opponent. Colonel Karegeya was found dead in a hotel room in Johannesburg on 1st of January 2014.

On 5th of June 2014, President Kagame stated the following:”…we will intensify our actions, we will not only capture and imprison them, we will shoot them in broad daylight…” President Kagame said this when he was complaining about concerns raised by the US State Department, in relation to a new wave of disappearances and arrests in Rwanda, in which the US State Department used to call the Rwandan Government to respect judicial procedures in accordance with the rule of law.

On 9th of March 2019, President Kagame agreed that his services killed Mr Seth Sendashonga. This is how President Kagame explained the murder of Mr Seth Sendashonga: “…in fact, Seth Sendashonga died because he crossed the red line. I do not have much more to say, but I will not apologize for that…” Mr Seth Sendashonga was one of the Hutus who joined Tutsis in the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), and was the Minister of interior. He was killed by RPF’s agents on 16th of May 1998 in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. 

President Kagame had always been threatening Rwandans to kill them wherever they are. His threats to Rwandans also went to the point of being directed towards foreigners, including Heads of States! It is in this regard that President Kagame used to threaten the Tanzanian President with death! On 30th of June 2013, President Kagame went on in his aberrant speeches to threaten the former President of Tanzania Mr Jakaya Kikwete! Mr Kagame did this after the Tanzanian President had called for a dialogue, between President Kagame with his armed and unarmed opposition. Speaking about this same point, President Kagame expressed his will to kill the President of Tanzania in following terms: “…Me, I do not even discuss this topic, (…), I will just wait for you at the right place and I will hit you, there is a line that you should never cross(…) because there is a line you should never cross. It is impossible…” President Paul Kagame said this a little bit earlier at the opening of the 21st African Union Summit in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia on 26th of May 2013.

During all these speeches, it was obvious that Mr Kagame knew what he had been talking about. He could not say all these words, without knowing that his services had sent people abroad to do the job for him! He could not send them abroad, when his services had not approached them, so as to hire them! He could not hire them, when they had not pledged loyalty to him, in order to commit such dirty jobs (Killing Rwandans abroad)! This remind me about another story, which was very recently written by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation): This story was titled as follows: “the loyalty oath keeping Rwandans abroad in check.” According to this story, about 30 Rwandans living in London (United of Kingdom) who accepted to be hanged, in pledging loyalty to the Rwandan Government, in order to become Rwandan’s agents of influence abroad! So, is this different from the story which was published by Anna Patty and Leon Hartwell in the Sydney Morning Herald? Absolutely not! These two stories are quite similar and complementary! 

So, why had the Rwandan Embassy in Singapore denied the information which was given by these intelligent and professional journalists of both ABC and Sydney Morning Herald, while they are absolutely true?!  Another question: why does the Rwandan Embassy in Singapore deny what their boss agreed with? Is it because what is being said in this article is not true, or it is because they are ashamed of being caught with their hand in the pocket?!! In fact, they just deny because they are ashamed of being caught. They are international killers! In addition, the Embassy of Rwanda in Singapore should not contradict their boss; on contrary they should be agreeing with him as he agreed with killing people abroad, instead of suppling baseless denials! 

Indeed, President Kagame and the RPF know that they were not deserving to rule Rwanda; they know how they have stolen people’s power. They have shown to Rwandans and to the international community of who they are and what they are capable of (just murderers). That’s why they are trying to get everywhere in the world to kill people unsuccessfully, because it is not everyone who will keep the secret of their wrongdoings. The RPF should stop telling lies in denying what they had been agreeing with all these 26 years of being in power. To us Rwandans, this is not surprising because we know them (the RPF) as members of a joint criminal enterprise. They have been killing Rwandans since the got in power in 1994! 

The RPF and their boss should step down and leave power to the people of Rwanda, because they failed to protect the Rwandan people. Instead of protecting them, they are just murdering, assassinating and massacring Hutus and Tutsis who were living in Rwanda, before they got in power in 1994! The RPF’s regime always tells lies; they never tell the truth. We Rwandans know them! When they invaded Rwanda from Uganda in 1990, they were pretending to bring democracy and the rule of law. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of opinion are banned under the RPF’s regime. But what they brought was far from those democratic values. What they brought is worse than what Rwandans used to live, before RPF came! Rwanda has become a hell; Rwanda became a country of genocide because of the RPF regime! So, are they leaders deserving that name? The answer is No. They are just international terrorists. Mrs Judi River, a Canadian journalist explained that better in her book “In praise of Blood: crimes committed by the Rwandan Patriotic Front,” because she made a fantastic research on Rwanda’s issues. 

To conclude, through these 7 speeches of President Kagame, everyone can see that he has been agreeing with killing Rwandans abroad. There is enormous lack of coherence between what the Embassy said, and what the President of the Republic had been saying! President Kagame never denied killing people abroad, while the Embassy in Singapore is pretending to deny that! These Kagame’s speeches are constituting evidence in relation to the accuracy of Anna and Leon’s article. So, the Embassy of Rwanda in Singapore should be supporting their boss in agreeing with killing Rwandans abroad, instead of contradicting him. 

Therefore, the Rwandan Embassy in Singapore and the Rwandan Government should be happy and proud of Leon and Anna’s article, including Andrew’s story, because these intelligent and professional journalists only said the truth! Some people can ask themselves why the Rwandan Embassy in Singapore denied that information which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald. The answer to that is not because the information provided is not true; the Rwandan Embassy only denied that information, because they are ashamed of having being caught the hand in the pocket. It’s like they have been struck by lightning, as their secret has been revealed unexpectedly! Other Rwandans who are working for them had been keeping that secret and accepting to work for them as agents of influence, but Noel did not only refuse their wrongdoings, he also made that public. As we can see, He is a hero, because he refused to do such a dirty job. In addition, he is one of few people who said “no” to the RPF! The RPF should avoid baseless denials, when they deny such a correct information with plenty of evidences! They are ashamed of being seen as terrorists by the world, and this is what they really are! Their only motivation to deny what those professional journalists said is just shame! Nothing else. These journalists deserve a big “thank you”, as they said the truth, about the hell Rwandans are living under the RPF! The government of Rwanda and its Embassies, should know that it is not everyone who will keep the secret in relation to their dirty jobs.

The international community should help Rwandans to get rid of those terrorists, and take them to the International Criminal court in The Hague, before they exterminate more Rwandans.

Niyomugaba Jean de la Paix.