What is AWS Snow Family-AWS Snowcone, Snowball & Snowmobile

In recent times more and more applications are moving to the cloud. AWS Snow Family is now offering a new set of operations in non-data environments and areas where network connectivity is very weak or low.

Applications that work on the cloud still need fast access to the network and real-time computation. That is resulting in high demand for storage and resources moving closer to the network edge for fast creation and consumption of contents.

To solve this problem AWS has developed an infrastructure to analyze and data processing as near to the user as possible. So applications deliver intelligent and real-time responses.

This infrastructure makes it easy to deploy the system beyond the AWS outposts. The customers of the AWS Snow family can run applications where reliable networks will not be available. In this article, we discuss different AWS snow family members and their differences.

What is The AWS Snow Family

AWS snowcone, AWS snowmobile, and AWS Snowball make AWS snow family. It consists of physical devices and capacity with inbuilt commuting power. Which helps to transport data in the system. These members use to migrate data to and from Aws cheaply and securely. To learn more deeply about the AWS Snow family visit Certshouse which is an authentic source of information.

  • What is AWS Snowcone?

It is an edge computing device that woods with storage services and AWS compute. It is the smallest and a lightweight device in the snow family having a weight of 4.5lbs. It works very efficiently in all types of environments.

It consists of two 8TB HDD, vCPUs, and 4GB RAM which enable it to run at high speed accurately.it has WiFi, a USB port, and Ethernet ports that use to transfer the data. 

  • What is AWS Snowball?

This device is used to migrate data fast into and out of AWS. Snowball helps to transfer large scale data migration in less time and more securely and inexpensively.

It can be computed optimized or storage optimized. It uses an unstable connectivity environment and machine learning environments. It comes up with large components and installation.

It is ideal for secure and fast transfer of data to AWS services.

Use of AWS Snowball

  • It is used to migrate a large amount of data into AWS
  • It is can use automated E link to increase the efficiency of logistics.
  • Airlines, banks, studios, and other industries need secure data transfer, and Snowball provides the best service.
  • Defense, disaster response, tactical edge computing, and other sectors need real-time data collection that can be used by AWS snowballs.
  • Document classification, image labeling, and other artificial intelligence applications that require fast data transfer that can be deployed on AWS snowball.
  • What is AWS Snowmobile?

SWS Snowmobile is a rugged container of 45 foot hauled by truck. It is used to transport a large volume of data up to 100 PB to the system. Clients may need years of transfer data before the invention of the AWS Snowmobile service.

The data is secured by many security layers such as a dedicated security alarm, team, GPS tracking 24/7 video surveillance, and monitoring. The snowmobile is secured by a security vehicle during the transition.


The AWS family has made the dream of running applications in harsh environments possible.

You can transfer and sync data automatically into and out of AWS. these Snow Family members are controlled by AWS with strong security protocols.

Which helps organizations to transfer their data more securely. Being a data professional, you have to know how these devices work. We are offering a complete solution for you as online practice demos and training courses for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam, which will help you to pass the exam