I take my hat off to Uhuru Kenyatta.

By Mberabahizi Mwene Sebagangari

For it is the very first time in Africa’s history that a sitting President allows and accepts their election to be annulled by judges. I also salute his voters/supporters. They have shown civility and discipline. Thank you Kenyans. Not even a stone has been thrown at anyone be it his adversary, his supporters or the concerned judges.

I am not sure the country would be this peaceful if his election had been confirmed. The fact that in the aftermath of the polls, there were categorical refusal to petition the Supreme Court, calls for demonstrations and strikes and for secession inform my negative opinion.

President Uhuru has set the bar very high so far. And it is not the first time. The first was when he accepted to step down for a while and went to the Hague to face empty ICC charges. I disagreed then because I have no respect for that thing at all and in my opinion, no African should be referred to that neocolonial court. But I see value in the fact that Uhuru Kenyatta has been consistent in showing respect to the Judiciary.

I challenge anyone to produce any precedent, not just in Africa but in the entire world.

Some of my comrades in Kenya might not share this view. I respect that. But I sincerely think they should revisit their analysis, avoid playing oppositionist politics like our comrades did in Ivory Coast when they ‘backed’ the French coup d’Etat to install their stooge, just because they wanted ‘change’.

Once again, thank you Mr President!

You are definitely a Statesman. Whatever the outcome of the fresh election will be, you have already won.


  1. I partially agree! The winner of the whole polls process might be saluted in his excellence Railla Odinga who rigthly refused to recourse to violent demonstrations vs appeal to the Supreme Court. He has shown there moral maturity which greatly rewarded him and honored the entire country of Kenya and indeed the whole continent of Africa. Thank you people of Kenya.

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