Kagame Is Back In The Air – Headed For Harvard University On March 10, 2017

By David Himbara

After spending a couple of weeks in Rwanda, following his global tours that took him to Asia, Africa, and Europe in a two months period, Kagame is back in the air.

This time he is headed for Harvard University – a school he frequents. U.S. elite universities worship the Rwandan ruler, especially Harvard. The university is rolling out the red carpet once again. Kagame was there last year. His talk this time is advertised as “A conversation with His Excellency Paul Kagame,” scheduled for Friday, March 10, 2017, at 4:50 PM. The venue is NYE ABC, Taubman Building.

More critically minded faculty and students should ask Kagame real questions. They should also acknowledge his recent and rare truthfulness. In his concluding remarks at the National Leadership Retreat on March 2, 2017, Kagame painted Rwanda in its true colours. Rejecting the usual exaggerated accounts of Rwanda’s achievements under his rule, Kagame bluntly informed his government:

“You cannot keep telling lies and get away with it…When you say you eradicated poverty, it will find you on your doorsteps and you have nowhere to hide…Our ambassadors spread stories in Japan, China, Europe and America that we are in Rwanda enjoying peace and security to the fullest. But when these people visit Rwanda, they read that people are scared of going out at night because their chances of getting to their destination is 50%; they may disappear or get killed…”

Members of the Harvard University community should ask this man why he is seeking a new term with such a disastrous record – after 23 years in power.