Kagame Turned James Gatera Into A Farmer

James Gatera and Paul Kagame in happy times.

By David Himbara

I recently shared a troubling story about James Gatera, who mysteriously vanished in March 2017. Prior to his disappearance, Gatera had served just one year as CEO of Crystal Ventures Ltd, the US$500 million business empire owned by Kagame and his ruling party.

James Gatera was Kagame’s money-man for 18 years — having begun as director of finance in Kagame’s office, CEO of the Bank of Kigali, a government-owned institution, and then the CEO of Crystal Ventures Ltd.

I have some very good and encouraging news.

James Gatera is alive and well. He has become a farmer and is keeping a low profile. It is unclear why Gatera fell out of favor. Hopefully, Kagame will ”rehabilitate” Gatera. In the meantime, we wish Gatera well in his new-found occupation.