Kagame’s attendance of NBA All-Star Game was not reported by a single Rwandan media outlet. I am still shocked by this! Or, should I be shocked that I am shocked?

Kagame, son and global superstars at the NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

General Paul Kagame jetted to Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, to watch the NBA All-Star Game on February 17, 2019. Kagame journey to Charlotte began way back on February, 8, 2019, when he flew to Addis Ababa, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Munich, and then to the US until February 19. An 11-day journey in a chartered executive jet, presidential suites, large entourage, and entertainment fit for a Czar does not come cheap. You are looking at no less than US$1 million.

My shock is this — not a single media outlet in Rwanda reported the Charlotte NBA All-Star/Kagame story. How is that possible that a country of 12 million people can be kept in total darkness about the actions of their ruler?

Not a word from the Rwandan press which, besides Kagame’s loudspeaker, The New Times, comprises online publications such as Igihe, PT Press, and Taarifa. Radio stations include Radio 10, Flash FM, Contact FM, and City Radio. 

That none of these outlets uttered a word is absolutely shocking. Or, is it the other way round? I should be shocked that I am shocked by Kagame’s totalitarian dictatorship that controls all aspects of Rwandan lives through fear and terror.

As The Washington Post’s slogan goes, ”Democracy Dies In Darkness.” In Kagame’s Rwanda, darkness rules.