Kagame’s Global Tour Continues. Kagame And Crystal Ventures Laughing To The Bank.

The official Kagame bragging map.

By David Himbara

President Paul Kagame does not tire telling the world that he has transformed Rwanda into a top economic performer — in every category. Kagame robustly spreads the great news around the world. He is easily the most traveled head of state. We can count at least twelve trips in 2018 — and we are only in May. That is an average of two trips a month.

Kagame’s global tour has taken him to four continents and ten countries in five months


Kagame and his Crystal Ventures Ltd are laughing to the bank



Kagame and Crystal Ventures Ltd are laughing to the bank. Crystal Ventures Ltd is the US$500 Million business empire owned by Kagame and his ruling party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front. The Gulfstream jet that transports Kagame belongs to Crystal Ventures. In other words, Kagame, the president of Rwanda charters an airplane from Kagame, the chairman of Crystal Ventures. Kagame’s US$65 Million Gulfstream G6 is the most exclusive private jet on the market. Chartering the Gulfstream costs between US$7,700 and US$9,850 an hour. No wonder Kagame lives in the air. He is making serious money and laughing to the bank. Pity Rwanda’s poverty-stricken taxpayers.