Looking at the way ruthless dictator and life president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and his unique and one party state RPF have been ruling Rwanda since 1994, and looking at how Paul Kagame has scrapped off of all the values and significant dates and events from the public calendar of the Republic of Rwanda that had marked and commemorated in Rwanda since O1/07/1962, when Rwanda got its independence from Belgium, and which Paul Kagame does never want to celebrate in any way, when he is still alive, I have no doubt that Rwanda is “shifting from being A independent “sovereign”, “democratic” and “free” country to a “royal dynasty” and “absolute” monarchy” as it was for so many years before the independence. Rwanda is back again to its ruthless and bloody totalitarianism slavery, autocratic suppression and royal oppression of the majority of the population of Rwanda under Paul Kagame the King, absolute ruler.

Some signs for this deplorable shift started coming out strongly when Paul Kagame changed the constitution of the Republic of Rwanda overnight on 18/12/2015 in a harsh and rushing way, as if he was running away from something terrible or for his own life! Then when Kagame Paul woke up again and on 31/12/2015, decided to officially and shamelessly declare that he is not ready to leave power in peace and democratically in Rwanda, I had no doubt that what I am saying is soon to be realized. The “Nollywood” Rwanda Presidential elections that he organized unnecessarily on 04/08/2017 where he again run alone as “a single player, a couch in the football match and as a referee himself of the same game, and as the game official, and as the one to decide how many goals he should score in a goal-post without a goal keeper”, and after silencing all potential candidates who could democratically and competitively challenge him like Diane Rwigara and Gilbert Mwenedata.

One has also to remember a chain of political leaders who are languish in prisons in Rwanda, because they all dared from time to time to try and challenge democratically in competitive and peaceful elections with this brutal authoritarian and totalitarian of the century, then again one has only to confirm my observation that Rwanda is no longer to be existing as a “Republic.” But as a “monastic dynasty”. Everything that happened during the so called presidential elections many people including the so called allies of the serial killer Paul Kagame saw it as more coronation than being election since Kagame Paul had finally decided ruthlessly and brutally being alone and he had no other way to show it publicly and officially apart from doing it like in a North Korea military parade. Then finally I said bye bye with “Rwanda being A republic” and welcome to the monarchy.

During all his elections shows again Paul Kagame never told Rwandan people what he will do for them but rather he was telling how he will be on power endlessly they want it or not who were being forced by security services to attend his rallies, then again I said it true Paul Kagame is preparing the people of Rwanda to forget about democratic rule but should be ready to go back to slavery of royal kingship. Rwanda liver under the subjection of a traditional royal dynasty and monarchy more than 400 years until 1950s when the people of Rwanda massively rejected this slavery and suppression of the Kings.

Kagame Paul wanted to show that with 99 % votes he has to bring this suppression in a massive way. The way you rejected slavery it’s the way I have to use to bring it back on you, by fire by force. And “When Paul Kagame was suspected strongly that he allegedly planned to kill in USA the last king of Rwanda Kigeli V Ndahirdurwa, when he had blocked him from going back to Rwanda when he was still alive but rather he decided to bring him back to his country which he loved so much in his dead body, I saw another sign of what will happen on 18/08/2017. This is was to allow Paul Kagame to clear all his obstacles of making himself a King of Rwanda.

Again it was clear that to me that Kagame Paul is soon the king of Rwanda. When Kagame Paul seemingly forbad a honorary and state funeral to the last king of Rwanda for real, it was an another proof that new King of Rwanda Paul Kagame is warming up in background. The date of 18/08/2017 is refutably a crowning ceremony day of Kagame Paul as monarchical ruler. 99% was just a symbol to reminder that in monarch there only one King who have to command everything. 99% proves that Kagame Paul is soon to be absolute ruler, who will not tolerate any other alternative as long he is alive in Rwanda. There has never been any room for freedom and democracy in Rwanda it no need to think that it is now coming when the new King is being crowned. Under absolute monarchy everything belongs to the king. Kagame Paul has grabbed almost every fields and farms, all businesses and houses from Rwanda people and he has made them all his personal properties.

Now those who have got beautiful wives and cute daughters have to be ready to start handing them to the new king, since it is the only thing he had not yet started doing over his 23 years of reign and which was being done in Rwanda by the traditionally kings. And I hope that Kagame Paul has remembered to consult the King of Swaziland and that he has invited him in his official and public coronation ceremonies and finally that they will soon be good friends because of the same matter. “All the beautiful wives and cute daughters belong to the king in absolute monarchy” regardless of it being right or wrong good or bad!

What remains is now to convince all African leaders and members of African union AU to start bowing before him from 18/8/2017 and he will finally become an emperor, King of Kings of AU starting from next years. These are Reasons why Paul Kagame has been wanting to conquer RDC through endless military invasions and looting of natural resources and selling them illegally abroad. He has tried to destabilize Burundi. Some Countries are now awaiting to be influenced by Paul Kagame to follow in his footsteps to make their countries no- go- Area for democracy and freedom.

Remember who are hi best friends? King of Morocco, King of Saud Arabia, Qatar and Oman. Rwanda people and the friends of Rwanda will remember this message and the dates I have mentioned and the sequence of events as I explained- Finally, all the speeches of Paul Kagame was saying that he is not interested in continuing being a President. :” Come 2017, I will not be there as a PRESIDENT… I don’t think I am that stupid, I don’t think I am that stupid, I don’t think I am that stupid…” ( l’homme et sa parole: Youtube Video), Kagame Paul repeated it during his several interviews: Personal Interpretation of Kagame Paul’s words: “I am interested in being a King of Rwanda for life and no in a free, democratic republic of Rwanda: “COME 2017, I WILL NO BE THERE AS A PRESIDENT “BUT AS AN ABSOLUTE KING.” No wonder this man decided for a long to crash brutally and mercilessly all the opposition in Rwanda and he closed all independent media in that tiny and poorest country of the whole world! His bloody and terrorist man was paving for himself a way to 18/08/2017 royal coronation ceremony!

And now I say: Come 18/08/2017, welcome to “Absolute Kingdom of Rwanda” and welcome to King Paul Kagame, Absolute Ruler of Rwanda as a Kindom: BYE BYE “Free and democratic Republic of Rwanda,” until we meet again after Kagame Paul will not be alive! 18/08/2017, “KWAHERI YA KUONANA RWANDA HURU” till we meet again but NOT before King Kagame Paul dies of course believe you me!

Amani Mahoro Peace