By Charles Kambanda

Kagame and his western backers almost succeeded in covering up Kagame’s insane massacres in Rwanda and DRC. Why? Because the brutal war in which Kagame butchered countless Hutu, Tutsi, TWA and foreigners in Rwanda before during and after the 1994 massacres – improperly called Tutsi genocide – was sponsored by some Western superpowers for those western countries’ ” strategic interests” in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

When the famous iron-lady ICTR prosecutor was ready to prosecute Kagame and his RPF/A suspects for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, President Bush ordered the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to STOP any and all proceedings against Kagame because Kagame was a US strategic ally. The then ICTR Prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte told President Bush off; ” justice requires prosecuting all parties responsible for the 1994 massacres in Rwanda, including Kagame”

President Bush felt offended and ordered the iron-lady prosecutor to resign. President Bush ordered the United Nations Security Council to appoint an ICTR prosecutor who had to pledge NEVER to prosecute Kagame for the 1994 massacres, refer to Carla Del Ponte’s Memoir.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda did not prosecute Kagame and his RPA/F deadly assassins for their role in the 1994 massacres because Kagame and his assassins are innocent. The ICTR turned a blind eye on Kagame’s 1994 massacres because the US did not want Kagame to be prosecuted. That the absurd ICTR legacy.

As if to prove Kagame’s inclination to commit genocide and other international crimes, UN investigators in DRC found ” credible evidence that Kagame committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and, possibly, genocide”. The UNSC adopted that report ” as is” , including the proposal that the UNSC creates an international criminal tribunal to prosecute those crime. Until now, the UNSC has never followed up on its own adopted UN Mapping Report. Thst’s the sham international criminal justice is.

The US, UK and other western ” allies” did a lot to fight the report that accuses Kagame of genocide and other international crimes because Kagame is an agent of destruction in the Great Lakes Region of Africa for some Western countries.

It’s offensive to the innocent people that perished during the 1994 massacres of Rwanda to have Kagame preside over commemoration of the massacres he himself perpetrated. Of course, the bogus Tutsi genocide propaganda was packaged for the single purpose of covering up some Kagame and his western sponsors’ role in one of the worst massacres humanity has ever witnessed.

To the dead we owe Justice, not propaganda