Arms race in the Great lakes region

Burundi's minister of defence signing for military and security cooperation treaty with General Alexander Fomin the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation.

By Gakwerere

1) In 2017, Rwanda spend millions of dollars to purchase TL – 50 air defence system and two M24 attack helicopters from China

2) Snice 2016, Uganda has purchased T-54/T-55s, ten T-72s, 50 PT-76s and 30 BMP-2s.

3) Since 2017, DR Congo has increased it’s air capabilities by purchasing Mi-24V and Mi-35 attack helicopters from Russia. Six Y-12 transport aircraft from China. Ten Su-30MK fighters and three Mi-24Ps from Russia.

4) Now, Burundi has placed orders for BTR-80AS tanks and 15 RG-31 armoured vehicles. They also ordered for Pansir -S1 air defense system and a 2A38M30 surface to air mobile vehicle.