Conference on the future of Rwanda without Kagame in Nieuwspoort The Hague on june 4, 2013.

In 2017 new presidential elections are held in Rwanda. Paul Kagame cannot be re-elected for a third time. It’ll be agonizing times for the opposition. Crucial is the question: what happens with Rwanda if Paul Kagame is no longer head of state. Is Rwanda ready for a new leader and a new form of leadership? And if yes, which leader and which form of leadership? And can The Netherlands be of help?

Speakers will be Helen Hintjens, lector at the Institute of Social Studies,Alphons Muleefu researcher at the University of Tilburg, Paul Rusesabagina, ex-manager Hotel Milles Collines and Eurac, organization of NGO’s in Great Lakes Region. Also invited is the Rwandese ambassador in the Netherlands.
Lawyer Jan Hofdijk and Africa-journalist Anneke Verbraeken will try to manage the debate.


  1. After H.E kagame,Rwanda will be in hands of Rwandese,not of Netherland,..thieve likes Rudas..and like criminal Rusesa…