Jakaya Kikwete suggests talks between Kigali and FDLR

At the occasion of the 50thanniversary of the Organisation of African Unity celebrated this weekend in Addis Abeba, a private meeting between the parties concerned by the Addis Abeba Peace Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congosigned in February of this year was held.

During that meeting the Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete highlighted to the participants who included the Rwandan and Ugandan presidents Paul Kagame and Joweri Museveni that the brigade of intervention would be able to help very temporarily, but for a durable peace, a global dialogue was necessary.

He recommended that Paul Kagame needed to have direct talks with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda [FDLR], the Rwandan armed rebel movement operating from the Congolese provinces of Kivus. He suggested as well to the Ugandan president to hold similar talks with the rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces/National Army for the Liberation of Uganda [ADF-NALU] opposed to his government.

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  1. HE Kikwete knows very well what he is talking about. His suggestion should have been done long ago if President Kagame really wants peace; but everybody knows that what he wants is to kill innocent people and loot resources in DRC. if Kagame is wise he should grab this opportunity. The same applies to President Museveni. they know that they are not democratic leaders and people are tired of irresponsible regimes that do not care of them.

    Those who have ears should listen!

  2. @Asia, before accusing president Kagame to be a murderer, first learn how to write/spell. Which proof do you have showing that Tutsi killed Habyarimana? As far as I know “a French investigation showed missile fire which brought down the Rwandan resident’s plane in 1994 and sparked the country’s genocide came from a military camp and not Tutsi rebels” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/10/juvenal-habyarimana-rwanda_n_1197324.html). Or you are one of those killers who committed the genocide and are hiding behind the desks talking non sense? Nta wumena amaraso y’inzirakarengane ngo amugwe neza.

  3. P kagame does not need to wait till a tutsi rebellion is born. He also needs to negociate with his entire opposition regardless of ethnicity.he should bear in his mind that The entire RPF is not his. He must know that he has to pay for his own crimes.until now he can explain what the millions of congolese did against him to be killed.he needs to realise that he is like any ignorant dictator who is living his last days

  4. Tutsi youth and the Rwandan youth must ovoid the 1994 trape. Stop supporting criminal leader just because they are tutsi because they will inherit the consequences as it is a case for hutu youth. Tutsi youth need to research and make sure the back leaders who have no blood on their hands,unless they have confessed. Tutsi must realise that they are not saints ,that they arnt jews but African niggers who will never be welcomed to israel bcause jews have never killed nazzis but tutsis killed hutus since 1990 till now. So both hutus and tutsis need to share responsability and come together and burry the past behind.

  5. Dear Tutsi compatriots.here is my question :hutus have paid and are still paying for having killed Tutsis in 1994.Who will pay for the hutus who were killed by Tutsis. I am personally asking who will pay me for my 41 close& extended family members who were massacred both in and out of Rwanda.i cant mourn and my orphans are asking for justice while tutsi orphans are taken care of in all aspects of life.Its time things change before the Rwandan young generation resume the exile cycle.Dont support killers but fight for freedom for all .stop ovoiding reality kagame him self said he shot down the plane bcause there was nothing inside.remember he said he also short down God in mutara area. He once said tutsis who never left Rwanda would be sacrificed because they and that one has to break an egg to eat Omollette. So u can visibly know who prepared the Genocide. I am personally preparing a court case against paul kagame for my 39 family members killed by him.