Kagame-Museveni: Did they look happy to meet each other?

By Gakwerere

The picture below was taken today during Kinyatta’s inauguration ceremony. Intelligence officer 00161 talking to comrade 0001. Did they look happy to meet each other? Did comrade 0001 tell intelligence officer 00161 to stop meddling in Uganda’s internal affairs?

We have to remember that during the NRA bush war, intelligence officer 00161 reported directly to the Chairman of the High Command (CHC), comrade 00161 and his reports were always thrilling for comrade 0001 to read or hear, as he spied from his fellow NRA comrades to wanainci. It was intelligence officer 00161’s report that led to detention of Gen David Tinyefunza during the NRA bush war under an indiscipline charge, and from that day, comrade 00031 and intelligence officer 00161 have never seen eye to eye.

Most of Bahima officers detest to the core intelligence officer 00161, the hate that they have carried out up to today and others to their graves. When intelligence officer 00161 was appointed by comrade 0001 as the coordinator of the Rwanda Patriotic Army, most of these Bahima officers within the then NRA (Now UPDF) helped some RPA officers to protest this decision, but comrade 0001 stuck with his choice, a choice that he now regrets. These officers cited the issue of education and military operation experience as a hindrance for intelligence officer 00161, while comrade 0001 stood on his decision noting that the rebellion needs a smart person and intelligence officer 00161 is smart.

All those RPA officers that where against the decision of appointing Intelligence officer 00161 as the coordinator of RPA, where one by one eliminated by intelligence officer 00161.

As comrade 0001 once noted, “In the NRA we had brave, young and reckless officers who captured cities, towns and villages. We also had those who were considered as cowards, but they were thoughtful and calculative youngmen whose information was vital for the success of the war.”

Intelligence officer 00161 was in the later group, those that where considered as cowards by the brave fighters, but their intelligence information was totally vital in the capture of power by the NRA. Throughout his military life, comrade 00161 has never commanded even a a single military unit, his military career was drawn into military intelligence services, where he mastered the art of dirty elimination, torture, kidnappings and mass killings.

When ever comrade 0001 would return back to the front line (Uganda) from different meetings outside the country, the first person he would meet was comrade 00161, comrade 0001 valued very much his intelligence and his capacity to report fellow NRA comrades without shame or fear.