Kagame’s Police State Arrested Aimable Karasira – We Pray the regime Does not Harm this Brave Rwandan

By David Himbara

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has arrested Aimable Karasira on charges of “denying and justifying the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.” RIB also claimed that Karasira has been sowing divisions among Rwandans. Karasira is being held at Kicukiro RIB Station while his case is being prepared for submission to prosecution authorities. The regime of General Paul Kagame has been relentlessly pursuing Karasira for years because of what he stands for.

Karasira is a critical sharp mind who challenges the regime on such issues as failure to fight poverty and human rights abuses. Karasira became popular in Rwanda back in 2009 when he started a music career as a rapper with songs critical of the regime. He often appeared in interviews, later on creating his own YouTube channel named “Ukuri Mbona” translated as “The Truth as I see it.” In 2020, Karasira was dismissed the University of Rwanda where he had taught for over 12 years. The University accused him of inciting people “to dishonour” public institutions.

Karasira’s arrest comes after the disappearance in February 2021, of Innocent Bahati, a 31-year-old singer and poet, who went missing two days after he was last seen. Bahati’s poems, which he recited in videos posted on YouTube, focused on similar social issues as Karasira’s concerns, namely, poverty in Rwanda. Other bloggers recently detained include Yvonne Idamange, an online commentator who also objected to the growing poverty in Rwanda. We pray that the regime does not endanger Karasira’s life.