The NCDC never endorsed the 18 Novermber 2013 Open Letter to Paul Kagame

Presse Release

Contrary to information propagated by certain Rwandan websites and discussion groups, the National Council for Democratic Change (NCDC), an umbrella movement of several Rwandan pro-democracy opposition organizations, namely CNR-Intwari, FDU-Inkingi, ODR-Dufatanye and UDFR-Ihamye, never endorsed the Open Letter to Mr Paul Kagame issued the 18th of November, 2013.

Even though we strongly believe that unity of Rwandan democratic forces and all inclusive direct talks between the Rwandese Patriotic Front government and its opposition are needed to restore security and reach a lasting peace and stability in Rwanda and in the Great Lakes region, we insist that it be done through concertation and mutual respect.

Treacherous methods and forgery must be avoided by all interested parties and concerned stakeholders.

We demand that the authors of that Open Letter remove the false signature of NCDC leaders appended to it and publish this disclaimer wherever they may have distributed it.

The NCDC wishes to recall that it was precisely crafted to offer a framework for unity of principles, purpose and action in a co-ordinated and disciplined manner and it remains wide open to any democratic organizations sharing the same views.

Done in Martigny, November 18, 2013

Gen. Habyarimana Emmanuel


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Gen. Habyarimana Emmanuel


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Eugene Ndahayo

Secretary General & Spokesperson

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