Paul Kagame – A False Definition of Success

On May 18 (2013), President Paul Kagame is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an Oxford University Business Conference.  It is high time, however, that this image of international “success” is exposed for what he truly is. He is the very embodiment of evil and cruelty, and the world allows it because victors write the history books even if the history they write is a lie.  Kagame built his pseudo-history on guilt and shame and his “success” off of the blood and lives of at least 6 Million Rwandan and Congolese humans.

It is true that if you go to Rwanda, you will see a developed nation. You will experience order and if you keep to the “company line,” you will experience safety.  All credit is due to Kagame for this. However, all blame is due to Kagame for this as well.
Rwanda as it exists today did not come without a price made of the blood of millions, lies, guilt, shame, and dictatorial rule.  While the United Nations has in theory acknowledged this fact, it lacks the backbone to do anything about it.  In fact, this organization has only empowered the Kagame machine.
In 1994, Rwanda endured a bloody Genocide that killed more than half a million people.  This is where Kagame finds his power.  The world shamefully stood by and watched as helpless people were brutally massacred.  The world heard a cry for help on the news, said, “Those poor people…” and went on with their day.  Kagame capitalized on this and went on to become the image of African “success.”
Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, who at the time of the Genocide was Kagame’s most senior ally, claims that it was Kagame himself who actually started the Genocide by ordering the shooting down of then President Juvenal Habyarimana while Kagame and Rudasingwa were members of a Reblel group called the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).[1]  This allowed Kagame and his RPF to come in as the “heroes” and stop the Genocide [which they had started].
After a series of leadership changes, Kagame seized control of the Rwandan Presidency.  This is when his war crimes and use of guilt to maintain and fully realize his power come into full force.  After visiting the United States to discuss that the fleeing genocidaires (those who have committed Genocide) have gone into the Democratic Republic of Congo (then called Zaire), Kagame received no response.  He took that as a green light to invade the Congo.  He did not do this as a police action to capture the guilty.  He killed entire refugee camps of men, women, and children.  When this is questioned, it is first of all denied, and second of all justified by the fact that he was seeking justice for his nation’s suffering at the hands of the genocidaires.  With the full force of his RPF military (armed by the United States and other Western Nations), Kagame invaded the Congo two times killing an estimated 6 million or more people.
The United Nations issued a Mapping Report documenting Kagame’s War Crimes in the Congo, but when he holds the guilt of their inaction during the Rwandan Genocide, the UN has always backed down.
Later, Kagame to exercise his power, Kagame would rename the horrific Genocide of 1994 the “Genocide of the Tutsis.” This implies that the other main tribe in Rwanda, the Hutus, either had no casualties or they were completely guilty.  It is true that the majority of those killed in the Genocide were Tutsis, but Hutus were also killed.  The majority of genodidaires were Hutus, but there were Tutsis who were genodidaires as well.  There are no clean hands as far as entire groups go. Kagame’s rewrite of the history is a lie and it is criminal.  He has made it a crime to even question his narrative.  To do so would make one guilty of “Genocide Denial,” or “Double Genocide Ideology.”  No one but the depraved would deny that a Genocide happened, however no one but the depraved would deny that both Hutus and Tutsis were brutally killed in this Genocide.
Using his power of guilt over the world, Kagame to this day supports proxy militias (the latest being M23) that go into the Democratic Republic of the Congo and rape and pillage the land and its resources and destroy the people.  While the world is very aware of what Kagame is doing, he is still permitted to do so.  He is permitted to be the embodiment of evil that he is because he has shown what “success” can look like in Africa.  The rich and the strong nations do not care how he got there, they only care that he is there.  He can provide what the Congo cannot.  He can steal from the Congo the vast riches of minerals and resources that are found in the Congo and use the wealth from selling those riches to make his nation look “successful.”
On May 18, the students at Oxford University should be hearing a true success story.  They should not be hearing the ranting of a “lucky” war criminal.  Yes, the administration of Oxford had nothing to do with inviting Kagame – he was invited by a student organization.  This still leaves no excuse. Oxford has a distinguished name and is known for its research.  A simple keyword search on your favorite internet search engine will find everything that I’ve just told you (and much more).  The students who invited Kagame should have known this and should have invited a truly successful person.
Kagame is not a success to be admired.  He is a disgrace to humanity.  He is for this time, a leader to be feared by his own people and his neighbors.  Kagame should face the consequences of his actions.  There is an International Criminal Court in place for people such as him.  All that would have to happen is a recommendation for investigation from the UN Security Council.  I find it doubtful and shameful that this will not happen anytime soon, however, since Rwanda’s closest allies, the United States and the United Kingdom both hold veto power on the Security Council, and Rwanda itself is serving a term on the Security Council.  If the governments of the world will not seek justice, then it is time for the people of the world to remember that the governments work for us! We should demand that our leaders hold Kagame accountable. One person cannot accomplish this, but thousands upon thousands can! Choose which side of history you will stand upon.

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