The Rwandan military chief, Gen Patrick Nyamvumba visiting Kinshasa last May

By Gakwerere

On 31st May 2018, two RDF special force batallions led by Col Pascal Muhizi, known within the RDF as Mwarimu due to being a military instructor for a long time entered North Kivu, DR Congo. Col Pascal Muhizi is under the 3rd division commanding RDF troops in administrative sectors of Rubavu, Rutsiro and Nyabihu. 

On the night of 31st May 2019, Col Pascal Muhizi supported by Col Baudouin Ngaruye led two RDF battalions inside North Kivu, DR Congo. Col Baudouin Ngaruye is a former RPA, FARDC, CNDP and M23 officer who was indicted by ICC and has been living in Rwanda under Paul Kagame’s protection. 

Since the end of last year, Gen James Kabarebe recalled Col Baudouin Ngaruye and deployed him within DR Congo desk. Col Baudouin Ngaruye is currently the chief military coordinator of RDF in North Kivu, DR Congo. 

During the 31st May 2019 military adventure, the target of RDF special forces was to hunt and wipe out an armed group that was based between Masisi – Rutshuru plateau. 

Two weeks, prior to this military incursion, DMI had received information that there is a new Rwandan rebel group around Masisi –

Rutshuru plateau. Without proper planning or clear intelligence information, Paul Kagame ordered RDF special forces to enter DR Congo for a sweep up operation against this supposedly new rebel group. 

On the evening of 1st June 2019, this RDF special forces led by Col Pascal Muhizi alias Mwalimu met fire that they had never seen in their life time, their withdraw behaviours was that of survival for the fittest. To gullibles, please visit Kanombe hospital for evidences. 

Paul Kagame was given the report of what his Special force amateurs commanded by Col Pascal Muhizi alias Mwalimu and Col Baudouin Ngaruye met. The paranoid ruler of Rwanda instructed Maj Gen Alex Kagame, the head of the 3rd Division to plan for another military incursion to track and hunt this group. 

According to Paul Kagame and his military brain/advisor, Gen James Kabarebe; RDF has to establish secure rear military grounds and bases in DR Congo for their Burundi and Uganda projects of regime change. 

In the south Kivu, the six well armed RDF battalions are fighting against Banyamulenge in Uvira – Fizi highlands with an aim to establish anti Peter Nkirunziza rebel bases in the area. The proximity of these territories to Burundi especially its capital – Bujumbura, it is a military master piece in case RDF controls the area. 

In north Kivu, Rwanda Special forces has been operating alongside remaining ADF elements along Beni’s impenetrable forests which covers up to the border area with Uganda. Of recently, RDF is expanding its operations in Beni – Bunia axis, South Kivu region and Ituri region, respectively. With rear bases in Beni – Ituri corridor, western Uganda would be in RDF’s operational target. 

From the 13th June 2019, columns of RDF has been entering DR Congo through Njerima – Kanyanje hills towards Karisimbi forest and they are now based at Rumangabo military base in DR Congo. Since their arrival at Rumangabo military base in DR Congo, these RDF personnel were given DR Congo military uniforms in order to stop suspicions to be raised by local DR Congo communities. 

On their arrival, these columns of RDF were received by Gen James Kabarebe’s agent within FARDC, a notorious double agent, Brig Gen Innocent Gahizi, the current 2nd in Command of 32 military region in DR Congo. Maj.Gen Edmond Ilunga who is the overall commander of 32 military region, is also under Paul Kagame’s payroll. 

Currently, the Kinshasa administration under the accidental president – Felix TSHISEKEDI, is an extension of Village Urugwiro.