Rwanda: Manhunt underway for members of FDU–Inkingi in rural areas.

On 15 September 2012, about 19:30, Mr. Anselme Mutuyimana of Rutsiro District (Nyabirasi sector, Kivugiza cell, Mukungu location) was arrested by police officers on allegations of membership in an illegal political organisation FDU-Inkingi.

Another member of our party, Ms. Leonille Gasengayire of Rutsiro District, Kivumu sector, was also taken by a police vehicle to the station for night interrogation on his political membership.
We are still investigating the night arrest of many other FDU-Inkingi members in the same area after the police were tipped off the passage of the party Secretary General, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, in the District.

FDU-Inkingi is concerned by this alarming behaviour of police officers to put the interests of the ruling RPF above their national mission to equally protect all citizens and safeguard the rule of law.


Boniface Twagirimana

Interim Vice President