By Gakwerere

Dear Oppressed and enslaved Rwandans. Information from Village Urugwiro is that Criminal Paul Kagame is running berserk. We all know that criminal Paul Kagame personally released a tourism advert film of “visit Rwanda,” where he was the main actor. He also spent more than 40 million USA dollars to advertise with Arsenal football club, for a three year contract.

Nyungwe National Park is one of the site that is highly advertised by Visit Rwanda team at Rwanda Development Board.

According to information that I have just received, hotels – tour and guide teams around Nyungwe National Park where overbooked for the moth of July, August and September. But since the insecurity and military operations in the area especially at Nyungwe National Park, tourists are cancelling their bookings.

University students from different USA universities where supposed to be arriving for camping trips around Nyungwe National Park and Virunga gorilla trekking. My source has informed me that a scouting team from Britain and Chinese tourists had booked, and all have called to cancel their tourism trips.

According to my source, the facial expressions of a happy person that criminal Paul Kagame is portraying among the dignitaries who are currently visiting Rwanda, it’s totally fake, the man is under pressure.

Remember, criminal Paul Kagame’s business wing invested heavily in building hotels around Cyangugu, Karongi, Rubavu…etc in anticipation of tapping from visiting tourists. The corrupt dictator is now missing tourist dollars courtesy of insecurity in the area, he was expecting his own hotels to start receiving tourists during this peak time of the year.

For those who were saying that it was Kagame attacking Kagame, please revisit your theories. Kagame can’t attack himself in an area where he has personally invested heavily. In case he wants a pretext of attacking Burundi, Kagame has a 1000 ways of doing it without playing security scare game in an area where he has personally invested.

The whole tourist ethos of criminal Paul Kagame is based on security. “Rwanda a peaceful and secure country,” no way he can destroy this image by playing a security threat game in his own tourist site. The last time he played such games was in 2012 during granade attacks in a campaign to discredit the RNC and we all know his targets. Not around his personal investments.

According to my source, Nyungwe National Park and Virunga Gorilla trekking are criminal Paul Kagame’s personal investment babies. He can’t destroy or play security scare games after investing millions of dollars in the project. When it comes to cash, Kagame becomes sober, my source told me.

Or he would have played such a game during the rain season when tourism visits are at its lowest not during the peak time/tourist period.

Now, embassies that have security analysts are warning their citizens against travelling to Rwanda..i.e the Belgium foreign ministry and today, the British foreign ministry.

As I post this, Criminal Paul Kagame is running berserk and innocent people are being rounded up in different corners of Rwanda….the future hides a lot.


Below, it’s a photo of Peter Greenberg and Rwandan President Paul Kagame above Nyungwe National Park.