We ask the government of Rwanda to stop threatening people and LIPRODHOR organization


The political party for Democracy and Federalism in Rwanda (UDFR-IHAMYE) declares to all Rwandans and international community that this political party continues to worry about the country mismanagement by Kigali government .In its management, that system does never show a good plan to Rwandans future. Instead of serving all people it only concentrates on a small group of Rwandans.

Again, the political party UDFR-IHAMYE protests against the illegal detention and imprisonment of 11 adherents of  religion of Christ Jesus and St Mary (Intwarane za Kristu Yezu na Maria ) who have been arrested on 21 -07-2013 without official reason but only because of their faith and belief .

Also the Political party UDFR-IHAMYE protests against the mistreatment of members and the committee of LIPRODHOR, the organization which promotes and defends human rights in Rwanda. That bad act aims at destroying that organization and scattering its activists members as it become their habit from 2000.

This LIPRODHOR is the only organization for the human rights remaining in the country while the same organizations were quickly infiltrated and disorganized by the members of RPF as soon as it took power.

The political party UDFR–IHAMYE profits this opportunity to request the Rwandans government to stop immediately its plan to dissolve this organization (LIPRODHOR) and to let to other non government organizations in general the freedom of work. The Rwandan government must not dissolve the committee of LIPRODHOR now headed by Laurent MUNYANDIRIKIRWA because the committee has been set legally.

The politicians Deo.MUSHAYIDI,Jean de Dieu NDAYISHIMIYE,Victoire INGABIRE Umuhoza,Bernard NTAGANDA, Theoneste NIYITEGEKA, like therefore other people detained illegally as Lt.Colonel RUGIGANA, the reporter Agnes UWIMANA and others. All those people might be released from prison without consideration of the false accusations made by the government of Kigali for political reasons.

The political party UDFR-IHAMYE continues to worry about the act of throwing hand grenades repeatedly form 2010 in Kigali city and which bombs kill innocent people. In this occasion UDFR-IHAMYE sympathies with the families which lost their members in that slaughter or the ones who have been injured in it. The political party UDFR ensures all Rwandans and the international community that once it happens to them to take power they shall stop those bad acts and judge their authors.

The fact that the government of Kigali claims always that it has arrested the people who are behind those bombs attacks and it never shows them to the public or judges them, that means the government itself creates insecurity to its people as it does in the entire great lakes region.

The UDFR-IHAMYE request all the political parties in opposition to try their best to collaborate in order to make an inter-Rwandans dialogue and then to relieve RPF from the country governance for it is already become weak enough. Only the inter-Rwandans dialogue will restore the peace and security in the country then in the entire region.

To drive away the RPF from the power needs the will and the commitment of every Rwandan who likes his country.

Done at Reims on 30th july 2013

Chairman of UDFR-IHAMYE


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