We Caught Kagame’s Electricity Lies, And His People Quickly Edited Out The Lies

By David Himbara

Rwanda head of state, General Kagame and his government are masters at manipulating statistics to impress. Previously, as we indicated, Kagame and his regime claimed that Rwanda would have 563 Megawatts in 2018, whereby 70 percent of the population has electricity. Below is the screenshot of that bogus claim taken on November 17, 2018 from the website of the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA). When we exposed these lies on November, 17, 2018, Kagame officials edited the lies out.


This is what Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority now says about electricity in Rwanda.

”The number of customers accessing electricity has much grown, which increased the electricity access rate from 36.5% recorded by end of 2016/2017 to 46.5% as of June 2018. The national installed capacity for the national grid has slightly increased from 208.3 MW to 208.68 MW, and the network losses have reduced from 21% to 19.92%.”

Dear General Kagame, really, Sir, 208 Megawatts in a population of 12 million? How embarrassing! In normal circumstances, that amount of energy can supply only a small town. You should be ashamed of yourself. Instead of building mega projects in Kigali to impress, invest in electricity for the country. No country anywhere on this planet can develop without electricity.