Kagame Is Scared Of Organizing The Leadership Summit Of East African Community Of Which He Is The Chair

General Paul Kagame took over the chairmanship of the East African Community (EAC) in February 2019. In the same month, Kagame closed Rwanda’s common border with Uganda — a member state of EAC. Meanwhile, tensions between Rwanda and Burundi, another EAC member, remain very high. Burundi insists that Kagame is still scheming to overthrow the Pierre Nkurunziza government. It is therefore not surprising that Kagame is scared of organizing EAC Leadership Summit. His actions depict a man committed to destroying the EAC as opposed to building it into a dynamic and integrated region creating wealth for its 172 million people. Were Kagame to call the EAC Leadership Summit, few, if any heads of state would attend. Why would they, given his primitive actions since he assumed the EAC chair in February 2019? That is why Kagame has postponed the EAC Leadership Summit — he is scared of embarrassment that would result from no shows on the part of EAC heads of state.