Frankly speaking I was saved by God. Confesses Frank Ntwali after an attempt to end his life

Johannesburg – This morning we spoke to Frank Ntwali the chairman of RNC Africa Region, who is recovering well from the wounds obtained from an attempt assassination on his life, yesterday the 22nd August 2012 while on his way for a meeting in Kempton Park near Johannesburg International Airport. He was stabbed nine times in different areas.

“ A car came from behind us, flashing lights. The occupants posing as police officers pulled us off. Once we pulled off, they started asking me my wallet and whether I had a gun”. Said Frank Ntwali.

“ Three guys, one entered inside the car from behind, while his other partners, one standing on my door side and another one on the driver’ side started searching us. They guy behind me started stabbing me. From there, I started wrestling the guy on my door, who was busy pushing me back inside the car. Eventual, I forced myself out”. Added Frank.

Asked weather this was a robbery gone wrong, he said that he has no doubt that it was a planed hit. The driver was left unharmed and no valuables were taken. This is an obvious sign that the intention was to kill Frank Ntwali and delay medical care.

“no doubt in my mind that it is Paul Kagame, behind the attack. Anyone who speaks against him and his dictatorship regime is considered as a threat”. Added Frank

Although the damage has been done, the courage and the spirit do defeat the enemy with the help of God is what motivated Frank Ntwali to speak to us this morning.

“Our battle in defeating the enemy has only began. It shows that God is on our side and justice shall prevail. The only way out is that people need to realize that enough is enough. Paul Kagame and his gangs need to be brought to book”. Said Frank.

JD Mwiseneza